Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Card : Quilled Fringed Flowers

I designed this quilled birth day card for one of my friend's birthday.
This card was made after so many color combinations.

I’ve used 90 degree fringing tool to make fringed flowers,  embosing tool to make veins on leaves (see last paragraph about how to make leaves). I made a spring, arranged in oval shape to give the card good appearance. It gave good space to write wishes / greetings.

I used to have a hard time making fringed flowers with scissor earlier. After I started using fringe tool, it took 10 min to fringe about 20 strips.

How to make leaves ? 
Take 1 inch wide cardstock. Fold it in middle, draw half leaf shape and cut it to get symmetric leaf. We can touch it up at edges to get attractive, natural leaf shape. I’ve used embossing tool to draw veins.

I made the cover with flower and springs for this card.

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